Fantastico Deluxe is a convenient easy to use script library that is used together with a cPanel control feature such as the one offered by Omaha Web Hosting. The script library features many web applications that you can install automatically into your website using the settings of a control panel. The application runs as an auto-installer for all kinds of web applications on servers that use cPanel control panel. This eases the use of application to suit the needs of most users. With the service, you do not need to worry about the setting up of complex MYSQL databases, importation of any kind of structure, framework or code files among other applications that are needed in the website. This is because the software installs the scripts automatically within a short period.

Some of the common systems and applications that you can install on Omaha Web Hosting with Fantastico Deluxe include the content management systems. The software installs almost every content management system easily with some of the common programs being Drupal, Typo3, PostNuje and Xoop among others. You can also install shopping cart software and E-business applications easily on your website such as OS Commerce, CubeCart and ZenCart. Other applications that you can install with the software include blogs such as wordpress, Nucleus and pMachine Free among others.

Other applications that you can also install on your website include Wikis, image sharing applications and image galleries. Moreover, you can use the automatic installer to install other systems such as the site builders, mailing lists, FAQs, guest books, survey applications, project management systems and polls applications on your website. The applications available in the software are executed when new websites are being created or when new applications are being added. Majority of the applications in the software are free to use. Nevertheless, the software also has commercial scripts that you can buy for your web applications.

Once you install the Fantastico Deluxe scripts on Omaha Web Hosting server, they become available on all domains hosted on that server. Therefore, you can utilize the same features on different domains. However, once you decide to use the software, you should note that the applications that you can install on your website are limited to the only programs available on the software. The applications are also limited to the versions available on the software. You cannot use a different version of the application available on the software until it is made available on the software and the program available on the server is updated.

In order to ensure maximal benefit of Fantastico Deluxe, you need a top web-hosting plan like Omaha web hosting. This is because Omaha hosting offers regular updates of the software, which allows you to use the latest applications on your websites. Despite the limitations that come with the software, it is a perfect option for simplifying website installations. Installing the scripts on your website is a simple procedure with the software. All you need is to access the control panel and select the deluxe option to access the available scripts and then click the install option to install the script on your website.